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/ Approach

Expect nothing less than
our unwavering expertise.

Drive operational uptime with a powerhouse combination of senior-level expertise and innovative technologies.

Endpoint Management

We handpick subject matter experts with firsthand experience to collaborate on custom endpoint solutions – whether you need high-performance hardware, robust software, ironclad cyber security or a cost-effective option.

/ Strategic Solution Design

As device agnostic masters of endpoint solutions, we’ll take any challenge you throw our way. No matter the obstacle, we will devote ourselves to finding the solution that drives your business forward.

/ account management

Our client relationship team amplifies your impact by forging tightly aligned connections between our experts and yours, delivering maximum value and showcasing the true strength of our relationship.

/ ENTERPRISE Cyber security

Leveraging the expertise of our sister company, Inversion6, we help your team stay two steps ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. Inversion6 mitigates cyber security risks, conquers evolving threats and navigates the complexities of the cyber security sphere.


Privately Owned

We answer to the customer, not to shareholders.

Cross Collaboration

We operate under one holding company for maximum impact.

SME Expertise

We don’t hire generalists, only industry experts who have sat in your seat.

Innovative Technology

Always on the forefront of identifying new, innovative technology.

TRG is owned by TruWest Holdings, a private holding company that scales companies focused on managing, selling and supporting enterprise technologies.

/ About TRG
As a portfolio company of TruWest, we leverage leading subject matter experts and cutting-edge technologies to enhance operational uptime and reduce security risks. We work across all TruWest portfolio companies to design impactful solutions for your organisation’s success.

/ Industrial Solutions

Rugged devices, printers, robotics, RFID, and shared endpoints.

/ Enterprise solutions

Computers, smartphones, tablets, and personal endpoints.

/ retail solutions

Payment systems, kiosks and key injection.

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