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The deployment of 10,000+ endpoints for a North American transportation organisation.

Customer Since: 2014
Description: North American LTL Transportation Organisation
Initial Inquiry: Break-Fix Repairs

October 16, 2023


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The Problem

Truckers keep America moving. But they can’t do it on their own; they need an established technology partner to help eliminate supply chain hiccups and keep their operations seamless. And that’s just what a renowned, North American transportation organisation found in TRG.

For many years, the transportation organisation had a direct relationship with several manufacturers of handheld devices used in its field service & delivery and warehousing & distribution operations. However, as time passed, performance began to slip, and the relationships began to deteriorate – so the company began re-evaluating their mobile technology management program. 

The Solution

In 2014, the transportation organisation began its relationship with us in an effort to improve its repair program. This was an ambitious undertaking, as the company had seven existing depot contracts covering several operating subsidiaries and nearly 3,000 deployed IT assets. We successfully consolidated each of those contracts, merging the transportation organisation’s entire fleet of devices into one management entity. By eliminating multiple contract renewals and reducing unnecessary paperwork, the consolidation allowed the transportation organisation to better focus on what it does best: moving goods from point A to point B.

With the management of the device fleet under one roof, we easily track and repair the company’s mobile devices across its entire umbrella of trucking companies.  For units that were out-of-warranty or covered under our in-warranty repair authorisations, we performed the repair ourselves. We even help the company generate revenue from aging equipment, leveraging our extensive network of end user and broker relationships to sell those devices on consignment. 

Other initiatives include wireless site surveys to evaluate network performance and provide recommendations to ensure optimal wireless internet performance. Regardless of the challenge or initiative, we’ve successfully identified and remedied the issue, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. 

The Results

While we began assisting with only some aspects of the company’s mobility program back in 2014, fully delivering on the promises of those initiatives has allowed us to gain trust with time. This has established the foundation of an excellent working relationship that has led to additional projects and the ability to not just endure the competition, but markedly outperform it. 

We continue to be proactive in our efforts, implementing solutions to current and future problems and treating their operations as an extension of our own. Is your enterprise experiencing similar issues? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

About TRG

TRG is a global, privately owned managed services provider that manages the full lifecycle of every enterprise endpoint. Our mission is to lead the future of enterprise technology by driving bold endpoint solutions with a success-or-else approach. 

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