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Custom solutions served up to maximise a national restaurant brand’s uptime.

Customer Since: 2020
Description: National Restaurant Brand
Initial Inquiry: New Hardware

October 16, 2023

The Problem

Earlier this year, a TRG partner referred a national restaurant brand — a single organisation that owned two major food companies — to us for assistance with a hardware upgrade and deployment. With nearly 300 locations between the two brands across the United States (some of which are wholly owned and some of which are franchises), the company was looking for new handheld scanners that would be used at their registers for their loyalty program. And their restaurant hardware program needs weren’t based on devices alone. They also needed support with online asset management and spares pool management to replenish devices when they break.

The Solution

TRG worked with the company to evaluate several cost-effective solutions and ultimately provided them with more than 1,000 new barcode scanners. Our team handled the initial rollout and continues to manage all staging, kitting, and deployment needs – ensuring that whenever a new device is needed to support the growing restaurant hardware program, it arrives at the appropriate location with an instruction sheet, programming guide and with all software and settings configured and ready to go.

We also provide spares pool management for the company – maintaining and managing a pool of ready-to-ship devices from our state-of-the-art facilities. Our online asset management platform, ServiceHub, provides the company with real-time reporting on the status of their deployments as well as ongoing tracking of all devices in the restaurant hardware program. 

Most recently, we helped the company navigate challenges associated with COVID-19. As thousands of restaurants were ordered to close or operate for carry-out only, our customer’s new restaurant hardware rollout had to be temporarily paused. However, at the time that shutdown orders were put into effect, we were in the midst of their deployment, with dozens of devices in transit.

Our team helped the company leverage ServiceHub to trace these devices and successfully reroute them back to our headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, where they were secured and stored until our customer could once again resume operations. By using ServiceHub’s advanced tracking and device management functionality, we were able to help prevent confusion, logistical setbacks and loss. This helped our customer focus their valuable resources on more strategic initiatives during that time.

The Results

One of the top growth goals of our customer is to expand its franchising business by 100 stores within the next year. Our team is supporting this goal by providing the restaurant hardware each new location — franchised or not — needs to operate efficiently.

We’re grateful to the restaurant group for their trust and partnership, particularly during a challenging time that saw many of its peers significantly impacted. We look forward to supporting their growth and other hardware objectives in the months and years ahead.

If your organisation is looking to build out a new restaurant hardware program, Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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