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Eliminating inefficiencies for a healthcare software developer.

Customer Since: 2017
Description: Healthcare Software Developer
Initial Inquiry: Refurbished Hardware

December 12, 2023


Barcode Scanners

MSR Readers

RFID Readers

Mobile Printers

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Software

​Media Materials & Label Supplies

The Problem

Our customer is an independent healthcare software company that has developed a platform to help hospitals manage flu vaccination programs. While a leader in software development, the company prefers to partner with a third party for hardware deployment and management so they can keep their own resources focused on activities more strategic to their core business. They began working with TRG after experiencing difficulty getting pre-sales technical support from their existing hardware provider. 

The Solution

After evaluating several alternatives, the software developer chose to partner with TRG because of our cradle-to-grave support, robust repair capabilities and commitment to offering cost-effective solutions such as refurbished devices

To help the software developer meet their objectives, we leveraged our extensive inventory of pre-owned equipment to deliver this technology.  This included mobile computers for barcode scanning and data entry (healthcare versions); magnetic stripe card readers (MSRs) for driver’s licenses; RFID equipment for scanning badges; and mobile printers (healthcare version). TRG handled all staging, kitting and deployment – attaching the RFID and MSR devices to the mobile computers, loading the company’s software onto the devices  and deploying the kits to the correct locations. We also evaluated the company’s media and consumables needs and began supplying labels for pharmacy applications.

Beyond deployment, we’ve assisted the company with migrating device operating systems from Windows to Android and have also provided out-of-warranty repair support. Because the company selected devices that are rugged by design, and that equipment is being used in an environment that is more hospitable than others (such as manufacturing) repair is rarely needed. But when a device breaks or needs some other form of support, the company simply sends it in, and our team takes care of any issue from there.

Currently we’re supporting the company with a potential mobile device management (MDM) solution. We’ve assisted with pre-sales and technical support and continue to serve as a trusted partner to the company as they evaluate their MDM needs.

The Results

With more than 500 devices now in use, this healthcare software developer has the hardware support it needs to keep its customers’ flu clinics operating at peak performance. We were successful in optimizing their mobility program to provide meaningful cost savings while increasing the level of support they received. 

If your organization has been looking to improve its hardware program — whether through device procurement, repair services, or some other need — our team is ready to assist. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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