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Let’s be clear: we’re not just in the business of improving technology; we’re here to service your entire operation by overcoming bottlenecks and increasing customer satisfaction.

Delivering exceptional guest experiences is about to become second nature.

When it’s time to revamp your point-of-sale infrastructure, streamline staff connectivity or keep an eye on your facilities, equipment and costs, our hospitality experts step in to ensure your employees and technology work together seamlessly. It’s not just about upgrades; it’s about excellence.

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Services to Ensure Your Operations Never Sleep

Spares Pool Management

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We’re your go-to partner for a comprehensive array of staging, kitting, configuration, key injection and onsite installation services. Our solutions are device-agnostic and simplify endpoint rollouts. Whether you’re looking to deploy payment terminals from Elo or barcode scanners from Zebra, we can help you cut costs and mitigate risks. These services free up your internal resources to focus on revenue-generating and strategic initiatives.

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Repairs & Managed Logistics

We’re budget-minded, ensuring you maximize your endpoint’s investment and lifespan. Our tailored repair programs cater to your unique needs throughout the entire endpoint lifecycle. With our online asset management portal, ServiceHub®, you’ll have complete control over your IT repairs – from placing orders to tracking progress and shipping in real time. We’ve covered every step of the way, so your operation never misses a beat.

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Onsite Services
24/7 Helpdesk

You don’t stop working once your guests go to bed, nor do we. With a wealth of experience spanning mission-critical technologies, carriers and industries, our expert support team expedites ticket processing and boosts resolution efficiency. The result? Reduced downtime, amplified employee productivity and a noticeable drop in overall operational costs. With us at your side, your business operates at its highest level, around the clock and around the world.

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Short-Term Rentals

In the ever-demanding hospitality industry, we offer a powerful solution: short-term rentals. Fill equipment gaps or address seasonal hardware requirements with ease. Our rental programs provide financial flexibility, allowing you to test before committing. With our innovative services, you’ll save valuable time, reduce errors through automated data handling, boost server productivity, maximise table turns and create specialised workflows.

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Asset Disposal

Safeguarding your data is paramount. Confidential information may still be recoverable even after deletion, presenting a security threat. Enter our comprehensive Asset Destruction and Disposal services. With state-of-the-art security and protocols, we ensure that retired equipment is thoroughly destroyed, eliminating the risk and ensuring compliance. Our data granularity in tracking chains of custody keeps your data on lockdown until its destruction.

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Custom Solutions Served Up To Maximise A National Restaurant Brand’s Uptime.


We roll out the red carpet so you can too.

Our specialty lies in crafting a comprehensive suite of endpoint management solutions that align seamlessly with your distinctive hospitality needs, ensuring you can focus on delivering exceptional guest services with unwavering confidence.

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