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Whether you’re upgrading your in-store technology or streamlining operations in your fulfillment center, we ensure your employees and endpoints enhance customer experiences and service deliveries. We have a strong track record of working with retailers of all sizes leading to unparalleled efficiency.

Supercharge your customer experiences and services for increased loyalty.

Today’s shoppers expect a flawless experience anytime, anywhere. To secure your place at the top, we catapult you to the forefront of the retail game through crafted experiences and streamlined workflows.

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Your Retail Revolution Starts Here


Streamline your retail operations with hassle-free rollouts of all endpoints. We eliminate downtime, maximize investments and ensure efficient deployments so you can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Repairs and Managed Logistics

Your employees need access to reliable technology to meet customer demand and endpoint replacement has never been easier. We assist with in-warranty management and out-of-warranty depot repairs while executing safe endpoint repairs at any stage in their lifecycle.

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Payment Solutions

No matter the payment terminal type, brand or operating system, we also have an in-house PCI-compliant key injection facility (KIF) that can generate, inject, transfer and destruct payment terminal keys and credit/debit/PIN payment files to fulfill all your processing needs.

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Onsite Services

Trusting your team with your technology is one thing but trusting a third-party partner with managing endpoints that your business relies on is a tough decision. Don’t worry, you can trust TRG.

Your problems are our problems. Your bottlenecks are our bottlenecks. We will go above and beyond to ensure your endpoints are handled with care and your maintenance needs are executed efficiently and effectively. TRG, along with W2 field technicians and our vast network of partners, can meet you in your facilities to solve the inefficiencies at hand.

We tailor onsite service programs backed by our experts to meet your needs. We always say one size doesn’t fit all, and we practice what we preach with our onsite services and maintenance support.

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Maximising A Leading ECommerce Retailer’s Uptime With A Mobile Fleet.


Thrive in the Digital Era

While our experience speaks for itself, let us paint a clearer picture.

We have serviced regional chains managing 500 devices and Fortune 100 giants overseeing over 200,000 assets and excelled in every arena. We don’t just adapt to your needs; we mold them to ensure you’re unrivaled.

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