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Forward Logistics

The moment you’re ready to invest in new endpoint solutions, our team steps in to take care of the heavy lifting. We excel at finding the right endpoints for your business as well as lightning-fast deployments to minimise any disruption to your operations.

Rolling out new endpoints to your team shouldn’t cause you heartburn.

When it comes to forward logistics, TRG has mastered the art of finding the right endpoints for your business, getting those endpoints ready to use and then installing so all your team has to do is show up and keep working.

/ purchasing endpoints

New & Refurbished Endpoints

Stay ahead with the best endpoints to power your success—even if the endpoints are only “new to you.” We make the implementation of fresh solutions effortless.

Rental Endponts

Unlock access to our vast inventory, where you’ll find the exact equipment that aligns with your needs, all conveniently available at your fingertips.

Staging, Kitting & Configuration

No matter the configuration required, our team can get your devices ready to use. From applying essential operating systems to deploying applications and customising device settings, our staging, kitting and configuration services get you ready to rollout new endpoints with ease.

Onsite Installation​

Getting endpoints ready to use doesn’t mean much if they can’t get to your offices and warehouses. Our team of technicians can deliver and install your newly configured devices so the only thing you worry about is how fast your team can learn to use them.

/ Retail Endpoints

Anything we can do for enterprise and industrial mobility endpoints, we can do for payment devices. Our in-house KIF can generate, inject, transfer and destruct payment terminal keys and payment files so TRG can be your one-stop shop for all endpoint rollouts.

/ Future Orders

Experience effortless rollouts to franchise locations with OrderEase, our customer ordering portal.

/ Case Study

Solutions designed with easy implementation for parks and rec branches.

/ Case Study

Eliminating inefficiencies for a healthcare software developer.

/ Case Study

Custom solutions served up to maximise a national restaurant brand’s uptime.

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