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Repair & Managed Logistics

Leave it to us to keep your uptime high when a device goes down.

Whether it’s an in-warranty or depot repair, we can do it all. You can’t afford to waste time and resources waiting on repairs directly from the manufacturer or spending time in ongoing communications with an OEM. Which is why we want to take this off your plate and manage all OEM logistics and repair contracts.

We offer a variety of repair options like time and materials and depot to ensure you’re not breaking the bank but still getting the highest level of service you deserve in a timely manner.

We know you’re going to want status alerts which is why you can monitor and manage your IT repairs in our online asset management portal, ServiceHub®.

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Certified Equipment and Repair Services

Printer Repair Services

Rugged Device Repair Services

Consumer Device Repair Services


If there’s one thing TRG knows how to do, it’s endpoint repairs.

Global Facilities for Fast Turnaround

Customisable Plan Type

Multiple coverage levels

Spares Pool Management

Online Portal for Updates


We take pride in our repair offerings that can meet the specific needs of your business.

Managed logistics for in-warranty repairs
We can handle all in-warranty repairs and communications to and from the OEM so you can focus on your internal operations.

Depot repairs for out-of-warranty endpoints
We are device agnostic and can fix any device in no time. Investing in on our spares pool management program can ensure your team is never without an endpoint.

Time and material repairs for any need
Save your budget and only pay for what you need. We offer time and material repair options so you can conserve your resources.

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