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Zebra TC58 Repairs

Certified Zebra TC58 Repairs and Support Services

TRG’s Zebra TC58 Repairs offer comprehensive, flexible support solutions to help guarantee maximum uptime and peace of mind. We not only go beyond standard “repair” services to provide proactive solutions to help you avoid downtime with your devices, but we also do so at a fraction of the price.
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Flexible Service Options .

Contract Repair

TRG contract repairs allow the customer to agree on their repair costs over a longer period with 12, 24, and 36-month options. Standard 5-Day SLA, however, can vary depending on the agreed-upon contract

Voucher Repair

TRG repair vouchers allow the customer to purchase an agreed-upon amount of repair vouchers at a set price over a 12-month period, giving them control of their costs. 5-Day SLA

Fixed Price Repair

This service has been designed for a customer with a broken device(s) that is not covered by one of TRG’s repair contracts. All repairs are carried out at TRG’s repair facilities. 5-Day SLA

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Repair Service Standard Services

Standard Repair

Once the broken device is returned to TRG’s repair facilities, the UK tech team will triage it. If it is a hardware issue, the device will be sent to our repair factory or the OEM. If it is a software issue, the device may be repaired by the UK team. All Symec repairs are subject to a twelve-point post-repair check and come with a 90-day warranty.

UK shipping and delivery

It is possible to give both commercial and residential addresses, but make sure somebody is present to receive the package. We provide offshore downgrades for Northern Ireland and other far-flung areas. This would result in a two-day delivery. If this occurs, customs labels, battery tags for boxes, EORI, and tax numbers are necessary.

Optional Zebra TC58 Repairs Service Add Ons


TRG disposes of devices and equipment with a priority of reuse, remanufacture and recycle. As a result, all devices that work are resold on the electronics reselling market. Devices that are faulty can be broken down for parts to be used in repairs and remanufacturing. Devices beyond economic repair are sent to our ISO 14001-compliant recycling partner in Poland and undergo an electronic waste recycling process. This only occurs as the last option.


TRG can stage all devices post-repair if the customer requests. This can include the pre-configuring of devices, application of asset labels, screen protectors & protective cases, and kitting up of any accessories and training material. This allows the device to be used straight out of the box.


All end-of-life devices that TRG receives are disposed of in a secure and GDPR-compliant way. When the device arrives at the TRG facility, all data is wiped via industry-leading software “Blanco”. If the devices are being collected, all of our collection vehicles are tracked, and drivers vetted. Each Blancco wipe comes with indemnity insurance of up to £5 million. Upon completion, the customer received a due diligence packing containing an asset audit report, waste transfer note, hazardous waste certificate, and Certificate of Data Erasure.

Bulk Up Load

For customers wanting to return devices in batches, TRG offers a bulk upload method. The customer’s account manager will provide them with a template to list the devices they would like to return. Once the spreadsheet has been returned to the account manager. The customer prints a copy and adds it to the box containing the devices and sends it to TRG for us to process the devices.

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