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Staff Augmentation

Our “smart hands” support is always at your service.

TRG offers full-time, remote and project-based staff augmentation services that provide “smart hands” technical support to help you accomplish your objectives and implement new technologies. Whether you’re looking to facilitate new endpoint deployments or try cutting-edge UEM software, our experts will go above and beyond to ensure your team has the resources and knowledge they need to take on new projects.  
These services are cost-effective solutions for organisations looking to spend smart with a conscious budget. Our hands-on support allows you to focus on more strategic initiatives. When you rely on our team, we get the job done on the timeline you requested.   

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How we lend our “smart hands”

Technical architecture and design solutions

Insight into industry trends and emerging technologies

Apply industry best practices


While our team’s skillset could be a never-ending list, here’s a few ways you can invest in our staff augmentation services and get the perfect support for your team.

• Networking technology (WWAN and WLAN)
• Vertical industry business process expertise
• Unified Endpoint Management software
• Mobility devices
• Productivity software
• Barcoding technologies
• Printers and media
• POS and payment systems

We won’t just sit in meetings. We’ll help you carry the lift.

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