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TRG Unveils New Global Positioning with Bold New Brand and Website

January 8, 2024

Leading global managed solutions provider starts 2024 with a new powerful positioning to match its expanded global footprint after years of explosive growth


Specialising in enterprise mobility, industrial mobility and retail technology solutions, TRG helps enterprise organisations keep their operations running effectively and efficiently. From smartphones, laptops, printers, tablets, rugged handhelds and all the software that runs them – TRG helps companies evaluate, procure, deploy, manage and dispose of their endpoints.
With a comprehensive service portfolio, TRG supports an organisation’s endpoints, which could be any device with an operating system – at every stage of the lifecycle.

  • Forward Logistics: Rolling out new endpoints with ease — from purchase to installation.
  • Reverse Logistics: Repairing or replacing your endpoints without a loss in uptime.
  • Maintenance and Support: Supporting your team so your endpoints are always running at full speed.
  • Unified Endpoint Management: Keeping all your endpoints’ software up to date and you informed with the right analytics and data.
  • Networking Services: Helping your endpoints stay connected with the right wireless, wired and surveillance solutions.
  • Media and Consumables: Providing standard and custom labeling solutions so you can track and manage all your endpoints and inventory.
  • ServiceHub: Providing real-time equipment analytics through our online asset management portal.
  • White Labeling: Serving as a trusted extension of your internal teams to seamlessly expand your existing solutions.
  • Cybersecurity: Protecting every endpoint with cybersecurity solutions by Inversion6.
  • Financing & Leasing: Maintaining cost-effective solutions with River Capital Finance’s in-house financing.

“We are privately owned so we view our customers as our stakeholders, and we want to give them the best, most extensive services available,” said Kennedy. “Our customers range from the leading international airline to the largest athleisure brand in the world, and they work with us for one reason: We do whatever it takes to make them successful.”


TRG unveiled a new mission statement, logo, tagline and international website this week that levels up its positioning.

The newly coined mission statement – To lead the future of enterprise endpoint technology and its new tagline: Endpoint Perfection are both nods to the company’s obsession of solving larger scale business challenges for its customers and its unwavering commitment to never settle.   

The new logo is modernised and has shifted to a monochromatic color palette that differentiates the brand in the managed services provider space. 

The company also rolled out a new website available in five different languages that now highlights its comprehensive services and impressive partnerships with leading OEMs.
“We often get asked who we consider to be our competitors in the industry,” Amy Martin, Chief Marketing Officer stated. “Our answer is always the same — we stand alone. And now we have a brand that represents that mindset and a mission that will drive our innovation roadmap for years to come.”


TRG is a global, privately owned managed solutions provider that manages the full lifecycle of every enterprise endpoint. Our mission is to lead the future of enterprise technology. To learn more, visit

TRG is owned by TruWest Holdings, a private holding company that scales companies focused on managing, selling and supporting enterprise technologies.

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